Hazardous Area Dossier


Hazardous Area Dossier

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Dossier Size and Complexity:
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For this service we will compile a hazardous area dossier for you hazardous area installation, which includes:

i.          Ownership Identity

ii.         Management Documentation

iii.        Hazardous Area Equipment Identification Legend

iv.        Electrical Apparatus Ex Certification

v.         Electrical Apparatus Manufacturers Documents

vi.        Ex Calculations – these include:

o   Thermal overload checks to ensure the temperature class of the motors don’t exceed the auto ignition temperature of the product.

o   IS Barrier calculations to determine the energy storage (capacitance and inductance) inherent to the sensors, barriers and cabling are below the ignition energy of the product.

vii.      Electrical Design Schematics (where applicable, and this also includes review of any required motor protection).

viii.     Design/Installation Compliance Statement

ix.        Maintenance Records/Inspection Sheets