Hazardous Area Classification

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Hazardous Area Classification

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Scope Of Works

The Scope of works for this project is for us to provide you with a Hazardous Area Classification of the your installation in accordance with AS/NZS60079.10.1, or AS/NZS6009.20.1 this includes:

  • Assessment of product Temperature Class and Gas and/or Dust Group.
  • Using the Source of Release method to determine the Hazardous Zones which are the gas dilution radiuses from the sources of release to the point where the gas is below the Lower Explosive Level of the product.
  • Determine the Equipment Protection Levels necessary for equipment within the hazardous zones.
  • Provision of a hazardous area classification drawings and report, which includes the drafting of plan and elevation views.
  • We have assumed that CAD copies of existing plant layout drawings will be provided in AutoCAD format, to allow us to produce the required hazardous area classification drawings.