Electrical Site Services Design - Multi-Residential 1 to 10 dwelings


Electrical Site Services Design - Multi-Residential 1 to 10 dwelings

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Scope Of Works

The scope of works for this project is for us to provide you Design and Documentation of the electrical services as per our scope of services. These are typically limited to the site infrastructure services, and not the detailed internal power and lighting layouts, as we have assumed that these would be by the Architects.  This includes maximum demand calculations, and the necessary works so we can submit an Application For Connection to the local Energy Authority.

Scope of Services:

  1. Site plan with underground power reticulation.
  2. Sizing mains cabling based off maximum demands. There are many scenarios where which can change cable sizing, such as voltage drop, fault loop impedance and installation methods.
  3. Submission of application for electrical to site on your behalf.
  4. Submission of NBN new development application on your behalf
  5. Participation in, Architects/Consultants meetings via video conference, we have allowed one meeting.
  6. Certification of the Exit and emergency lighting where required, AS/NZS 1670 detection systems (when required) and AS/NZS 1680 lighting levels, AS/NZS 4282 obtrusive lighting calculations. Usually these aren’t needed in a class 1 building.
  7. NATSPEC based specification.
  8. We will provide Spatial Requirements for Electrical Services Equipment such as Main Switch Room, Communications Room etc.


We have not allowed for a site inspection, however we are available to perform a site inspection on request.

We have assumed that digital copies of the drawings will be provided in AutoCAD format.