Full Electrical Design & Documentation 1 to 20 Dwellings


Full Electrical Design & Documentation 1 to 20 Dwellings

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With this service we will provided you with the following:

Design & Documentation:

  1. Calculation of Maximum demand to determine power supply requirements for the development.
  2. Submission of application for electrical to site on your behalf.
  3. Design and Documentation of the electrical services as per our scope of services.
  4. We have allowed for Attendance at, and participation in, Architects/Consultants meetings via video conference, we have allowed one meeting.
  5. The design will be in accordance with the relevant codes and standards.  We have allowed to provide certification of the design.
  6. We have allowed to provide a safety in design report for the electrical services.

Scope of Services

Includes the design and documentation of Construction documentation, which includes the following:

  1. Lighting Layouts, including lighting control systems as required.
  2. Power and Communications Layouts.
  3. Apartment Internal communications design from common point of connection with NBN Co.
  4. MATV Systems.
  5. Emergency & Exit Lighting (as required).
  6. Smoke Detection and Alarm systems.
  7. External Lighting.
  8. Security, Intercom and Access Control systems (as required).
  9. Single line and control diagrams, showing switchboard and metering details. 
  10. Supplies to other services, including hydraulic and mechanical services, based on information provided on the required supplies.
  11. Site plans, showing power and communications reticulation.
  12. Specification for the supply and installation of equipment.


We have allowed to liaise with the energy authority as required, but we have made no allowance for the payment of any fees or charges to Authorities

We have assumed that digital copies of the drawings will be provided in AutoCAD format.