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— Jonathan Carroll

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SINGLE PANEL - Arc Flash engineering Analysis

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This is for large sites with multiple switchboards.  Up to 30 switchboards

Arc Flash Analysis

Electrical Projects Australia has staff who are highly trained in Arc Flash and can provide your company with an Arc Flash Analysis to ensure the highest level of safety is achieved for your personnel.

An arc flash is the plasma cloud that develops during and following an electrical fault, whereby the insulating properties of air are overcome through rapid ionisation. “Most arc power is delivered to, and stored in the plasma cloud as high-temperature plasma enthalpy”. It is characterised by temperatures in excess of 15,000 °C, a cocktail of superheated toxic gases and airborne molten metal from melted conductor and steel, released by the components within an electrical assembly under fault. As a result of the rapid energy release, a pressure wave also develops of such considerable magnitude, that if contained may lead to switchboard structural failure and propel missiles such as panel doors. In the absence of appropriate pressure relief, arc flash incidents have been known to collapse entire substation buildings. 

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